Hypno-Systemic Coaching – Delving deep.

Hypno-Systemic Coaching lets you find your own solution during a hypnoid trance, a state between being awake and asleep. You are able to utilize your own intrinsic knowledge and inner strength.

Hypno-Systemic coaching, developed by Milton Erickson’s student Dr. Gunther Schmidt, uses our ability to fall into a hypnoid trance. That deeply relaxed hypnoid state enables you to get to your own personal resources. You may want to charge your batteries or initiate sustainable changes. 

At the same time that hypnoid trance allows you to utilize your body’s knowledge, your intuition and all capabilities of your unconscious mind to find your own solution. You will be accompanied by the coach, just like in a systemic coaching. However, the hypnoid trance induced during Hypno-Systemic Coaching enables you to reach your goal in a direct, intuitive, and sustainable way, without any of the usual top-heavy intellectual restrictions.

Here again,
Your openness and willingness to try a new and unaccustomed approach will be worth it. Hypno-Systemic Coaching enables sustainable solutions and results for you.

By the way,
after a Hypno-Systemic Coaching you will clearly remember everything that happened. During the coaching you can also hear the clock ticking or the barking of the neighbour’s dog.