Sounding Board – Listening to your own sound

The Sounding Board provides you with neutral and critical feedback about challenges, plans, and projects.

The Sounding Board is the part of a string instrument that transmits the vibrations of the strings to the air, greatly increasing the loudness of sound over that of the string alone. 

The Sounding Board provides clients with neutral and critical feedback about their challenges, plans, and projects. Our Sounding Board’s function solely is to try to understand, question and challenge your chosen topic. 

You receive our Sounding Board’s ‘reverberations’. So that you can detect inconsistencies, recognize problems at an early stage, and initiate possible improvements.

Sounding Board in a nutshell:

Your goal
You want to clarify, change, develop, test or discuss something – with a neutral and discreet counterpart.

My role as a Sounding Board 
I am not part of your business or your challenge. My opinion is not relevant in the process. 

Similar to the coaching setting, as a Sounding Board I do not prompt. I don’t tell you what my own solution would look like. The neutral external perspective and experience, questioning and challenging your task will support you in finding your own solution.

Your result 
You presented your challenge, answered many questions, gained new perspectives, tested new approaches, and heard your own sound.

Your own solution has a ring to it.